Dancing in the New Year 2018

WELCOMING IN 2018 at Freeform Dance Dance!

Hello freeform movers and dancers, one and all….

We’re about to have our first dance in 2018 (tomorrow) and shhhhh, we’ll also be celebrating Facilitator Jon’s birthday (some tunes and music he loves from all over the world will certainly be included in the set list).

As we enter January, we’re thrilled to also celebrate the dance’s birthday: we began this dance FIVE YEARS AGO in the third week of January, so we’ll be having a PJ dancing party this year on Saturday, January 20th at our usual time of 10:00 am. Wear your comfy pajamas to dance. And if you usually sleep in the buff, please come to freeform dance dance WITH PJs on! (Chuckle).

Finally…Facilitator Grace’s birthday is also in January, and we’ll be celebrating it on February 3rd as a welcoming in of the joy of dancing with Aquarian fun.

Doors always open at 10 am and we gather, chat, stretch, greet each other…music begins at 10:20ish and ends around 11:40. We always close with a short gathering in an appreciation circle and are out by noon. Can’t wait to dance with you all into the new year.