Special Dance on location at Dance Underground December 26th!!

We are so excited to announce a special Boxing Dance dance at Dance Underground in Seattle.

Start time: NOON, music will begin by 12:15ish, music ends after 90 minutes (we might add a little extra for this unusual time).

Come dance what you want to give away and leave in 2015.

If you have physical items to give away, or canned goods, bring those and we’ll get them to local charity (a traditional Boxing Day activity).

Can’t wait to dance with  you!

Come Celebrate Solstice Change With Us! Dance December 19th 2015!

What an amazing year, once again, for Free Form Dance Dance.

We love continuing to grow, grow, grow. The amount of people coming is wonderful, the music is genius (if we do say so ourselves, being the DJs and all) and this is THE BEST WORKOUT we have all week in our lives….and that’s saying a lot.

We’re looking forward to a brilliant 2016, entering our third year in business and knowing all the fun we make available to ourselves (and to you, too!)

If you haven’t ever tried Free Form Dance Dance, affectionately called F2D2 by us all, then head on over and give it a try! You might be really pleasantly surprised.

Although our dance is similar to an open, freestyle ecstatic dance, it’s very family friendly, full of bright natural light and huge windows filled with gorgeous trees, and a massive range of musical genres, eras and taste. We play Bollywood and Funk, Hip Hop, pop, something from the 70s and interlace it all with beautiful music from everywhere in the world.

We welcome your requests and always have an interesting theme.

Can’t wait to meet you….and if you’re already an F2D2Fan….keep coming back, it works!

Love, Grace and Jon



All the following at Northgate Community Center
December 19th
January 2nd
January 9th
January 16th
January 23rd
January 30th
February 6th


Welcome to 2015 DANCES! WOOT! We are so happy to dance with you!

What a fabulous month of December….and the celebration of the end of this year with a dance on Dec. 27th! We have grown from our first dance of 6 people, to 29 today. Looking forward in 2015 to having 50 people attend a freeform dance dance….we can see it already in our vision!

We take requests, and The Best set list for popular songs worldwide today. Sawe Sawe, super popular in Ethiopia, was a big hit, along with Bonito, big fun in Italiano. And of course, always something from every decade, often all the way back to 1940s.

I love how it weaves together the past, memory, the present, images, feelings, ideas…and celebrates and digests them all in a way that transforms and renews. What a blast to have songs heard at every age, and have the beyond-mind experience of those moments in time brought to life and honored. I find there’s something amazing, full-circle, and balanced about the variety, the eclectic tone, the familiarity, the unusual. Use this dancing journey for healing, fun, play, laughter, yelping for joy, connection, and sewing together all parts of yourself and your life into one active meditation.

Thanks for all the wonder of it. I am LOVING this dance and looking so forward to more dances this year in our gorgeous space!

All Saturdays in January 2015 are ON….doors open 10 am, music 10:20ish. Music ends 11:45-11:50, doors close noon.


September Dancing 2014

Wow. Today was such a fantastic dance. The music, the sun sparkling through the windows. The chill of the amazing dance studio, and warming up by the 3rd song. We loved Pocket Full O’ Sunshine, U2 Magnificent, Bane from Africa and LTD Back In Love Again. What fun, fun, fun.

This dance is like living manifestation of joy, abundance, fun and happiness. I never have such a good workout as dancing this dance, in this space, to this music, with these people.

Once again I envisioned 50+ people filling up this dance hall on a Saturday morning, regularly. We are new, and only have 12-28. We have yet to break 30 people on the dance floor….but we know it will happen. How can it not? The magnetism, the upbeat joy, the thrill of starting the day with such energy, love and acceptance is palpable.

Every week I can’t wait to dance again. I miss it when I’m gone.

Thank you dancers…thank you!

Upcoming Schedule

Upcoming Schedule:

September 6th – NO DANCE – Northgate Closed for Repairs & Jon/Grace Vacation

September 13th  –  Northgate Community Center
September 20th –  Northgate Community Center
September 27th  –  Northgate Community Center
October 4th          –  Northgate Community Center