In order to make our dance a wonderful, safe, exploring time, we ask all dancers to respect the following guidelines:

  • no talking on the dance floor or anywhere in the dance hall once dance has begun…there is lots of wonderful space to go out into the rest of the community center to have conversations
  • verbal noises are OK on the dance floor
  • shoes or bare feet are both acceptable
  • a suggestion box will always be sitting near the entrance if you have something you’d like to suggest or share
  • wear clothing that is comfortable and makes you happy; some people love to be creative and colorful. Please cover the body parts that are usually covered by a bathing suit.
  • Please respect when someone moves away from dancing with you or expresses in body language that they are dancing alone, there is no requirement to dance with anyone
  • Please be clear with others if you don’t want to dance or if you DO want to dance
  • don’t take anything personally
  • there are several volunteer jobs for those who would like to trade one free dance in exchange for your lovely help, please write to We’d like you to come attend at least once first.