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January Dances–every Saturday morning! Woo!

Glorious to be dancing in the morning on these fine frosty VERY cold Seattle days. See you all on the dance floor! Woot! ¬†We have such a fun set list for tomorrow, January 14th….and already building up with some fabulous ideas for January 28th (Grace’s birthday dance, so of course it’ll be good)! Come enjoy the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, new, world from all continents and countries, and Bhangra will be played tomorrow for sure.


Extra Special Dance 7/6/2013

So very excited to celebrate about six months of this dance—and one year of marriage for the facilitators! We will have a very special surprise happening. And of course an amazing set list that has the ALWAYS included classic funk, a swing era tune, something from the 80s, something current, something old, something new, something borrowed, something ROCKIN.

We celebrate with joy, love, laughter, playfulness, and very upbeat and wide range of music for 90 minutes. A journey of pleasure and joy, movement in the body, authentic expression. All people are welcome, inexperienced or professional dancers.

10:15 am Northgate Community Center, Seattle. Same parking lot as the library, south entrance. We have the whole gorgeous community center to ourselves, and the dance studio is absolutely exquisite, full of light, glass, space.

Only $10. We’ll go have lunch at Masala Indian buffet afterwards—come join us.—Grace and Jon