What Is Free Form Dance

Free-form dance is very simply, people dancing with no planned steps or moves, no choreography, no memorization, no goals, no expected form or sequence. We play a wide and eclectic, dance-able range of music. We begin with a slow opening, powerful but gentle music, and the pace, speed, sound and beat becomes faster through the 75 minutes we dance together. You might hear tunes from any era in which music has been recorded! The genre will be wide….and you can be sure that it will be very danceable and very fun! The music set is pre-recorded.

People participating in the dance may move in any way they want, jump, spin, skip, do ballet, modern, hip hop, freestyle, swing, tap (with invisible tap shoes), clown, dubstep, contact dance or salsa. People might also lie down, hold still, freeze, move very slowly, do yoga, stretch, or sit quietly for parts of the dance. Any dancing movement that comes from you is welcome. You may find a partner spontaneously and dance with that person. You may find three or four partners, or dance in a large group. A circle may form of fellow dancers. You may connect and move apart right in the middle of the same piece of music. You can make physical contact with other dancers, or never make any, and choose partners or choose none.

Here is a place to explore the world of moving, with thinking, without thinking, being who you are, in this moment.