WHY Free Form Dance?

Free Form Dance is a joyful, fun, real, genuine, spirited DANCE EXPERIENCE!

  • Start your day with the fun-fun-fun of dance!
  • No memorizing, following, concentrating on the right steps
  • Sweat, move, and go wild for an amazing workout…like Cross-Fit!
  • No teacher, no method, no choreography
  • Dance like nobody’s watching
  • Move your body differently than you ever move it for the entire rest of the week
  • Drop your inhibitions
  • Dance out your feelings, whatever they are–express yourself!
  • Connect with other humans without talking
  • Be inspired by fabulous, eclectic, sometimes familiar, engaging music
  • Participate in a group while doing your own thing
  • Make new friends
  • Practice keeping your personal boundaries and then letting go of them, whatever feels right
  • Experiment with expressing yourself physically in brand new ways
  • Steal dance moves from other people
  • Stretch, do your yoga moves, meditate, rest
  • Community!
  • Freedom