October dancing

We danced this morning to a most eclectic and varied set list, honoring many themes and people today: A gorgeous tune from Puerto Rico, a slower Bollywood than normal, Tom Petty (The Waiting is the Hardest Part), mambo, salsa, Joni Mitchell, and the film score today (we always include something from film or broadway or a musical, or even TV) was from UP called Carl Goes Up. This was played in memory of Carl who danced with us many times in the first few years, but who got sick and died of cancer last Saturday.

Another gorgeous song played today for the first time was from the band MaMuse, “Glorious”. What a day, what a song. What a beautiful way to bring on the dance.

We’re also delighting that many gray haired beings enter our dance space, along with children under five. A huge range and a place to truly honor your ability and nature. We respect elders and their movements.

We love dancing in the autumn and so delighted to have so many new faces and beings with us today. Dance Dance!

Much love, Facilitators Grace and Jon