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November 2016 Dancing Seattle Saturday mornings have arrived

Today was a brilliant dance. Rain pouring outside, and such joy and immense positivity inside as we danced in the dark natural light of a fall Seattle morning.

We include “November” in the set list by Tom Waits…very dark humored (everyone burst out laughing at the end) and Sade’s Paradise for a complete opposite affect, and everything in between from Senegal drummers to classic Bollywood to Brazil to a Zydeco tune called Gumbo. Thanks to all the smiling and happiness, and honor to it all, including ancestors who have gone before us (Phillip Phillips helped with this one through Gone, Gone, Gone).

Happy Birthday to R who loves to dance with us and celebrated by being on the dance floor today (we played a special request for her).

Finally, thanks to facilitator Grace’s mom Betsy for coming. She’s still got it on the dance floor, turning 80 this year. Lucky, lucky us.